Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Audree's 1st Heart Cath

June 15, 2012

Everything went very well today! After Audree was checked in, they took us to the pre-op rooms where we met with the Anesthesiologist, the Surgeon, and the nurses. Once we had signed all of the paperwork, discussed all of the risks/possible side effects and the precautions the team takes to minimize the risks, the nurses gave Audree some "happy juice" to help her stay calm while they started her IV. We were able to walk her to the cath lab doors and give her hugs and kisses. Grammy, Papa, Daddy and I then started our wait in the waiting room until the procedure was finished. After a few hours the Drs came to speak with us and let us know that everything went very smoothly. While Audree's pressures are abnormal (due to her cardiomyopathy) they are not bad enough at this point to require the PICC and IV meds!! Audree also tolerated the anesthesia very well. Once she was wheeled into recovery, we were able to go 2 at a time to sit with her. Audree then had to stay for 4 hours, lying on her back with her legs strapped down to the bed. We took turns keeping her entertained, but after 2 hours she had reached her limit. Our wonderful nurse called the Dr to get orders for us to lay Audree on our laps. Once she was able to snuggle in Mommy's lap, Audree calmed down and fell asleep again. She was finally discharged around 4:30. She has to keep her bandages on until tomorrow and limit her "rough-housing" and swimming for 4 days. All of the nurses and Drs. were very impressed with Audree and loved her fun personality. Overall, it has been a good day. Audree will remain at Status 2 for the time being and we will continue with our regular transplant appointments and med dosages. Thank you all for your prayers and support during this time.

 June 14, 2012
Update from Mommy (Kimberly): It has been a long day. I took Audree up to the Solid Organ Transplant Clinic for labs, X-ray and a checkup this morning. Everything went reall well. Ms. Shi Shi was even there today! But since Audree has gone back to being freaked out during labs, she cried during her labs this time:( She felt better very quickly though, and Ms. Shi Shi gave her a neon pink bandaid, ...a bottle of bubbles, a pretty turquoise bracelet, and a fun little ball. Our coordinator, Whitney, called earlier this evening to let us know that everything looks good, as far as her white blood cells. We were needing to make sure she didn't have an infection, because they would have to cancel the cath if she did. Dr Barnes, one of our awesome cardiologists, checked Audree out today and gave the green light for tomorrow.We will have to be there at 6:15 am since she is the first patient on the schedule. If they determine that Audree will need the IV medications, she will have to stay in the hospital to get a PICC line and get her meds adjusted. If that happens, Audree will end up wearing a little backpack all the time that pumps the meds through the PICC. It's a little scary, but it will also move Audree to status 1A. Please keep her in prayer tonight and tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

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