Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Go Baltimore

Audree update: Audree had an EKG, Echo, and labs today. Her heart function has continued to worsen. Her ejection fraction is now 8. Her BNP increased as well. It was 10,359 last week and is slowly rising. Audree has also lost most of her appetite and has been tensing up saying "ow"... So we are at the brink right now. She is wearing a halter to monitor her heart for 24 hrs. If her appetite doesn't increase and no improvement is seen then we will be admitting her and starting milrinone which will change her status to 1A. So, it looks like the door to Baltimore is closed. After discussing Audree's situation with the transplant team today, their recommendation is not to move Audree at this point. It is just too risky. We have access to ECMO and the Berlin Heart here if Audree continues down this path and her heart fails before a donor is available and those options are not available in Baltimore. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. This next 24-48 hrs is critical as to what happens next. Thankfully, Audree is still energetic and happy. Plus her other organs are still happy and functioning well.

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